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Can divorce mediation help you determine child custody?

When parents in North Carolina decide to get a divorce, you face even more hurdles than childless couples do. Unfortunately, matters involving children in divorce situations are also often fraught with stress, struggle, and arguments. But is it possible to avoid these things?

The simple answer is: yes. Though it is certainly not easy, especially if you and your spouse are on difficult terms, it is entirely possible for you to avoid intense arguments, long legal battles, and other upsetting aspects of divorce that some people make sound mandatory.

First of all, divorce mediation is a tool that you can use in order to help you and your spouse come to mutually agreeable decisions in all aspects of the divorce, including matters of child custody. It helps if you are on relatively amiable terms beforehand, but that is not always necessary as long as you can remain civil and open to the possibility of mediation.

A divorce mediator can then step in and help the two of you work out any arguments you might have related to the topic at hand. Mediators provide a unique third party perspective that is divorced of the emotional burden parents will carry into the discussions. They are also trained professionals in deescalation and are able to step in and help if it seems like a conversation is getting overly-heated or out of control.

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