How can you make a custody battle easier on yourself?

If you are preparing for a custody battle, you may feel like you are gearing up for war. When marriages end in anger or frustration, it may be difficult to engage amicably in a custody battle.

According to the Huffington Post, a child custody battle can be smoother if you follow a couple of rules.

Speak up when necessary

Do not be quiet during the process. If you have questions or if you become confused by the process, speak up. You should not bury your concerns. When you have relevant concerns, voice them.

Prepare but do not coach your children on what to say. Custody evaluations are common in a custody battle. Your child will have to speak with an expert and you will not be present at the interview. Experts can tell when you give a child talking points to discuss.

It will look worse for you if an expert believes that you coached your child to say what would benefit you in court. Let your child speak for him or herself.

Stay respectable and honest

If you violate any of the judge’s orders, he or she will remember it. In the middle of a custody battle, you do not want the judge to frown on you. If you have a poor reflection it can affect the case. Even in moments where an embellishment sounds like a good idea, do not think about it. You will not improve your position. Instead, if caught in a lie, you will lose all credibility.

You and your ex’s main interest should be in your child’s best interests. Every choice you make should take him or her into consideration.