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Can divorce mediation help you determine child custody?

When parents in North Carolina decide to get a divorce, you face even more hurdles than childless couples do. Unfortunately, matters involving children in divorce situations are also often fraught with stress, struggle, and arguments. But is it possible to avoid these things? The simple…

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Parental alienation can be harmful for children

In some cases, parents in North Carolina who are going through a divorce wind up projecting their own feelings about their former partners onto their children, and when this happens repeatedly, it can potentially constitute something known as “parental alienation syndrome.” At Parsons Law, P.A.,…

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Co-parenting benefits for children and parents

North Carolina parents who are divorced, separated or who may never have been married but still want to be involved in raising their children need to find ways to work with their child’s other parent regardless of the nature of the relationship between the adults.…

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Does your child want to live with the other parent?

You and your former spouse finalized your divorce in North Carolina several years ago, and you have refined the details of your child custody agreement. Recently, your child shared the news that she or he wants to live with the other parent. To make future…

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Are you aware of how to report spousal support on your taxes?

If you divorced within the current calendar year, you may either pay or receive spousal support. Do you know how to report that on your federal and North Carolina taxes when tax season rolls around? CNBC explains how to go about reporting spousal support. Keep yourself…

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How to get a divorce on the grounds of incurable insanity

Divorce is a decision not taken likely. Requesting one on the grounds of an insane spouse is even more difficult. It takes an emotional toll.  North Carolina is a “no-fault” state. To get a no-fault divorce, spouses must live separately for at least 12 months.…

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What if you are reported for child abuse in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, state law requires people to report their concerns to the Department of Social Services if they suspect child abuse or neglect. As a parent, this can be upsetting, as well as frightening. You may wonder what would cause someone to suspect you…

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Jury awards husband $8.8 million in alienation of affection case

Alienation of affection means that another person willfully ended your marriage by seducing your spouse, and in North Carolina it is grounds for a civil action. As reported by the News & Observer, the founder of BMX Stunt Shows, Keith King, sued a man he…

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What former spouses should know about alienation of affection

While many people in the United States may wish they could take a person to court for having an affair with a spouse, in North Carolina, it is legal. A former spouse can take a homewrecker to court for alienation of affection. What is alienation…

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What custody rights do North Carolina grandparents have?

Like other grandparents, you likely consider your grandchild one of life’s greatest gifts and are thankful for the time you get to spend with him or her. Should issues arise between your child and his or her spouse, however, it may threaten your relationship with…

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Understanding alimony in North Carolina

North Carolina divorces often involve court orders for alimony, also known as spousal support. The court generally orders these support payments when it is clear that there is a history of one spouse being dependent on the other for financial support. The goal of awarding alimony is…

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Must I pay alimony if there is no marital fault?

Often, one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce is alimony. While child support payments can also cause heated debate, alimony has a particular potential to be acrimonious. Many people believe that in North Carolina there is no need to pay alimony if marital…

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How can I get child support in North Carolina?

When a child’s parents separate, North Carolina requires each parent to financially contribute to his or her upbringing. The state child support system mandates monthly payments until the child turns 18 or until age 20 if he or she is still attending high school. If…

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Can I adopt my partner’s biological child?

LGBTQ legal issues did not resolve when the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal. There are still many lingering problems the community faces. In North Carolina, one of those issues occurs when a same-sex couple tries to create their own family by having children. You…

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Answers to your North Carolina child custody questions

If your marriage or long-term relationship is ending, your foremost concern is the well-being of your children. How will they handle the separation? Where will they live, and with whom? When it comes to child custody, the court makes a determination based on the child’s…

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