Unemployment and spousal support obligations

For those who lose their job, life often becomes hard in a lot of ways. Paying bills, buying food and dealing with uncertainty about one’s future is often a major hurdle. Some people are able to find another position relatively briefly, but the job market is very competitive at the moment and some people are out of work for long periods of time. For those required to pay spousal support, this is especially concerning.

Whether you recently lost your job, suffered a major decline in terms of your hours and pay or expect to find yourself out of work in the near future, it is imperative to explore your options regarding spousal support. Falling behind on alimony is very problematic and you need to avoid this predicament, if possible.

Modifying your spousal support order

In some cases, people who experience major changes in terms of their income and financial circumstances are able to modify their spousal support order. If you are eligible for modification, this is a crucial step that will help you avoid falling behind on your obligations. However, the modification process is somewhat complex and it is pivotal to prepare beforehand. Some people are able to significantly reduce the amount of spousal support they owe or even terminate their obligations altogether, depending on their circumstances.

Reviewing your options

From looking for another job to getting ready for the modification process, it is imperative to go over all of your options and prepare for the future. Sometimes, people are unsuccessful in their attempts to change the amount of spousal support they are required to pay. Browse through our website to read more about addressing spousal support issues and other family law matters.