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When can you modify your North Carolina child support order?

When you pay or receive child support in North Carolina, a time may come when you have reason to request a change to your existing arrangement. Maybe the needs of your child have changed and the original amount given is no longer enough. Conversely, maybe you were paying a particular amount but lost your job or experienced another big change that hinders your ability to do so. 

Regardless of your reasoning for desiring a child support modification, you and your situation must meet certain criteria for your request to undergo consideration. You may also have to abide by a specific timeline when doing so. 

When you may request a change

If you or anyone in your family receives public assistance, your arrangement is going to undergo automatic review every three years. If you do not fall into this category, you or your child’s other parent may make a request for a review every 36 months. However, if you or the other parent experiences a substantial change in circumstances that has an impact on your child, you may request a modification at any time. 

What may constitute a substantial change in circumstances

While losing a job is a common reason North Carolina parents request child support modifications, other life events and circumstances may also warrant a substantial change in circumstances. If you paid support to cover daycare and your child no longer attends, this may count. If your child is facing sudden medical expenses, this may, too, constitute a substantial change in circumstances, among other examples.